South Park Season 16

Posted: April 12, 2012 by cliffburtonphil1 in South Park Season 16

Last week’s episode of South Park titled “Jewbracabra” was a take on the Jewish celebration of Passover, where Eric Cartman starting out by .  The episode focused on the Jewish observance of Passover and indirectly spoke to the issue of under-representation of Jewish cultural celebration in America in comparison to Christian holidays.   Kyle as a Jewish 4th grader is a representation of South Park creator Matt Stone. The main plot was that Eric wanted to warn everyone before the Easter egg roll about the Jebracabra, “a creature that drinks blood, hides in the night, and has no belief in the divinity of Christ.” As he becomes caught up in this mission, others start to believe Cartman and he feels threatened by the imaginary creature at night.  The first portion of the episode was more about parodying Bigfoot enthusiasts and used Easter/Passover as just the background.  It seemed a bit forced to see Eric Cartman and Butters together trying to catch the Jewbracabra, I know Matt Stone and Trey Parker have said in one of the commentaries that putting the two characters of Cartman and Butters together in a scene is a surefire way to create a compelling sequence. The main  plot takes a turn as Cartman travels back in time via dream sequence, just like in the episode “I’m a Little Bit Country.”  This time, instead of visiting the Founding Fathers, Cartman visits ancient Egypt during the biblical plagues.  Here at the end we get the story of Passover hinted at the beginning.  By the end, Cartman came to accept Judaism and identify with Kyle, only to see the widespread celebration of Easter instead.

Overall, it seemed to be more coherent than the “Faith Hilling” episode from March 28th.  That one’s opening was somewhat lost on me, as the title meme wasn’t an actual meme before the episode, as evidenced by its lack of an entry on Urban Dictionary. As it unfolded, it became more clear that they were taking on memes in general and their popularity among today’s youth. Overall, this season seems to be a mixed bag.  I am one who views South Park’s best seasons as Seasons 6-12 (2002-2008).

Tonight’s episode, “Butterballs” will hopefully be good, it supposedly is about bullying. It will be interesting to see what stance Parker and Stone take on the recent attention on school bullying, and even more interesting to see who will be the bully.

  1. pecollins says:

    Just FYI, Jewbacabra is a reference both to the legendary chupacabra, and to anti-Semitic myths about Jews stealing babies and drinking blood. Will be interesting to hear your take on the bullying episode.

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