House Lannister

Posted: April 24, 2012 by mac5518 in Game of Thrones Season 1

House Lannister


Motto: “Hear Me Roar”

House Lannister is one of the major houses of Westeros. They are the principle house of the Westerlands, and their stronghold or “seat” is at Casterely Rock which is located just outside Lannisport, and is rumored to be one of the best defended fortresses in the country having never been taken according to tradition.

The Lannisters are one of the most recognizable families in the seven kingdoms.  All of whom possess indistinguishable golden blonde hair and green eyes, a characteristic that leads several hand’s of the King, including John Arryn and Lord Eddard Stark to discover the incestuous relationship of Ser Jamie Lannister and Cersi Lannister whose children who are falsely presented as heirs of King Robert Baratheon and heirs to the Iron Throne.

House Lannister is one of the richest families in Westeros, having the largest gold mine in the realm under Casterly Rock.  In both the series and the book the Lannister’s use their excessive wealth to accomplish their devious and personal ambitions.  The family is so wealthy that common sayings such as “Rich as a Lannister” and a “Lannister always pays his debts” are sometimes confused as their families motto.  Several of the main characters in the series, A song and Ice and Fire, are Lannisters, they include: Lord Tywin, Ser Jamie the “Kingslayer”, Queen Cersi, and Tyrion.  Lord Tywin Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock & Shield of Lannisport Warden of the West, is head of the house. As seen below,


Lord Tywin is constantly described as a proven military leader, who conducts his matters in a shrewd, merciless manner. During the rebellion of Robert Baratheon Lord Tywin maintained a neutral stance in the War up until it was all but over.  His major desire is to see him House live on through the ages. Lord Tywin has three children, Queen Cersi, Ser Jamie, and Lord Tyrion as seen below

Lord Tywin’s wife died giving birth to Tyrion often called “the imp” a name he despises.  Tyrion, one my favorite and most intriguing characters in the series and is featured on the far right. Tyrion is a deformed dwarf who lives a lavish wanton lifestyle; he is often degraded by several characters throughout the series including his own family members aside from his brother,Ser Jamie. He is often seen drinking wine, whoring, and reading.  He is the most underestimated characters in the novel. Tyrion and Lord Tywin have a completely dysfunctional relationship, both despise the other and make very little attempt to hide this. Thus far in the series Tyrion has demonstrated his uncanny ability to stay alive and talk his way out of dangerous situations.

After Robert Baratheon’s rebellion comes to an end; in order to maintain power and peace Robert weds Cersi Lannister. Cersi who claims she originally loved Robert, but who never reciprocated any affection or feelings of love eventually engages in an incestuous relationship with her twin brother Ser Jamie that leads to the birth of 3 children Joffrey, Tommen, and Myrcella.  Cersi is an ambitious women concerned only with her own children.

House Lannister is one of the largest and most complex Houses in the entire series.  All the major characters mentioned above have qualities that the audience may respect and relate to, but overall the House is the major antagonist in the series.  In the first book and season, the audience constantly cheers against this house say with the possible exception of Tyrion.


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