House Greyjoy in Season 1

Posted: April 26, 2012 by mac5518 in Game of Thrones Season 1

House Greyjoy



“We Do Not Sow”


The Greyjoys are an ancient noble house that have a strong history as skilled sailors and maundering soldiers.  Unlike several of the other great houses in Westeros who worship the “seven” with a few exceptions like the starks, the Greyjoys who call themselves the “ironborn” worship the “Drowned God.”  They are very similar to the Medieval Vikings preferring to raid, pillage, and rape rather than negotiate and use diplomacy.  This is evident by their “words” “we do not sow” rather they believe you can sow and they will take what you sow.  Their sigil is a golden Kraken on a black field. The Greyjoys have almost a disdain for the people of continental Westeros ,which they call the “greenlands”, all of the leaders of the Greyjoys prefer their traditional way of life, taking their possession and prizes the “iron” way rather than with Gold.


Their holdings include the entire of the Iron Islands with their keep at Pyke. Currently the head of the house is Balon Greyjoy, Lord of the Iron Islands, King of Salt and Rock, Son of the Sea Wind, Lord Reaper of Pyke, Captain of the Great Kraken.



During Robert Baratheon’s rebellion, Balon Greyjoy, saw an opportunity to capitalize on a weak kingdom, and decided to name himself King of the Iron Islands, however; with the help of the Lord Stark the rebellion was crushed and 2 of Balon’s heirs were slaughtered leaving only one son, Theon, and a daughter, Asha who Balon views as his heir.


In order to secure Balon’s loyalty his youngest son, Theon, became Lord Starks ward.  As seen below Theon walks a tricky line between staying true to his roots as a Greyjob who bitterely hate the Starks, and respecting the man and family that raised him as one of their own.  This becomes a serious internal struggle for Theon in the second book.




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